Black Equity Initiative Of the Inland Empire

Advancing Racial Equity
For Black Communities, By Black Leaders

The Black Equity Initiative was formed in 2014 and is composed of Inland Empire organizations that share a desire to improve social conditions through empowerment, education, and policy change. Guided by a deep commitment to the liberation and self-determination of black people, this work advances our mission by helping us to deepen our influence and reach for educational equity throughout the region.

our team

The Black Equity Initiative has build deep relationships and commitments across a variety of organizations working on issues ranging from criminal justice reform, to educational attainment, youth development, youth empowerment, health and well-being. With the global movement for racial justice as a backdrop, the BEI is in the process of building internal capacity and greater coordination across partners. Interested organizations should contact Pastor Samuel Casey and Felicia Jones (COPE) and Dina Walker (BLU).

  • Akoma Unity Center
  • Black Voice Foundation
  • BLU Educational Foundation
  • Center for Youth and Community Services
  • Clay Counseling Foundation
  • Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement
  • Emerging Beauty
  • IE Rebound
  • Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches
  • NAACP – San Bernardino
  • National Black Grad
  • Sacred Sistahs
  • Sankofa Birthworker Collective of Inland Empire
  • Sigma Beta Xi
  • Starting Over
  • The Love Program
  • Westside Action Group
  • Young Visionaries
  • Young Women’s Empowerment
  • Youth Action Project
  • Youth Mentoring Action Network

Contact us

Black Equity Initiative

Interested parties should contact Pastor Samuel Casey and Felicia Jones (COPE), and Dina Walker (BLU).